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The ‘Research Alliance for Disasters and Risk Reduction’ (RADAR) is a research centre based at Stellenbosch University South Africa which is committed to advancing capacity building in the disaster risk field through academic programmes and short courses, as well as conducting research and enhancing knowledge concerning hazards, vulnerabilities and risks within the western cape region, South Africa and the African continent at large.

RADAR also acts as the secretariat and project manager for the Periperi U (Partners Enhancing Resilience for People Exposed to Risks) consortium, a partnership of research units and departments from 12 African universities which focus on advancing research and capacity building in risk and vulnerability reduction action on the continent.


“REaL” Innovation in DRR : Insights on risk education and learning from Africa

Presentation by Periperi U director Dr Ailsa Holoway discussing the surge in higher education-based DRR capacity building in Africa – the result of a systematic approach that deliberately combines transboundary learning opportunities and capacity-building strategies by each of the twelve higher education institution partners of the consortium. She underlines the value of harnessing the continent’s higher education institutions in advancing disaster risk reduction by drawing on accomplishments of the Periperi U consortium in strengthening human capacity in the disaster risk domain. Click on the image to watch the presentation.

Periperi U

Periperi U is a partnership of African universities that spans across the continent and is committed to building local disaster risk related capacity. Established in 2006, with five original members, the partnership has grown to include twelve universities across the continent. RADAR, based at Stellenbosch University acts as the secretariat of this consortium. More information on Periperi U can be found on the website www.riskreductionafrica.org

Recent Research & Publications


Located within the City of Cape Town jurisdictional area, the Shukushukuma settlement is situated adjacent to the busy Mfuleni town centre. It was identified as a high-risk area by the City of Cape Town Disaster Management Centre and the City’s Human Settlements Department, due mostly to its reputation for flooding in the winter months. A Community Risk Assessment was undertaken of the settlement which included involving members and leaders of the Shukushukuma community in assessing risk in their own living environment. Click here to see whole report and other Community Risk Assessments RADAR has done

Short Courses


The course focuses on strengthening community-based risk assessment capabilities in disaster-prone informal settlements. The course gives priority to assessing household and community risks using a range of participatory methods as well as other quantitative and spatial risk-related data. It is useful and relevant to disaster management practitioners working in at-risk communities, local councillors / political leaders. However, the course is equally important for development practitioners, as well as those concerned with capacity-building, poverty reduction or sustainable development.

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